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latnas August 2009 Palu, Indonesia

Tetada Indonesia in brief

Tetada Kalimasada Indonesia  better  known as Tetada Indonesia its preferred international title is attaining higher levels of achievement in its mission to advocate healing exercise for all peoples of the world. It has grown in stature, recognition and membership covering 22 countries.
In the year 1993, right after the decision of the Elders of the Royal Clan of East Java , Singapore became the first foreign country that accepted Tetada  Indonesia. It was introduced by Pak Eddy Surohadi and Dr. Ibu Ida Surohadi after the elders of the clan of Pak Eddy Surohadi agreed that this ancient art be taught to the peoples of the world. This was followed by USA, Philippines and other European countries followed with more members joining the practice. (For more details, there more information available in the internet. Search for Eddy Surohadi)

It is important to note that the Founder and Grandmaster of TETADA Indonesia,  Engr. R. Eddy Surohadi is a senior member of the Royal Family of East Java . He is also the Honorary Consul for East Java and Surabaya and Dr. Rr. Ida Surohadi the International Trainer is a medical doctor working in a hospital in Surabaya, Indonesia. Both husband and wife work together to ensure that TETADA Indonesia be practiced as a Healing exercise. Today it has become an art acceptable by all peoples from different cultures, religion and beliefs. It can be interrelated with other forms of martial art, yoga and others such as taichi, aikido, eskrima among others. It can also be practiced in conjunction with other sports as a preparatory calisthenics or as a cooling down technique as TETADA Indonesia enhances body functions.

 The Practice of Tetada Indonesia

The foundation of the practice of Tetada Indonesia is the breathing technique and perfected in the proper execution of duduk nafas. The pagas and the triangular breathing methods carry the basic principles of the art. These builds physical and  mental coordination and energy which  provides the force to move the healing energy.
Breathing techniques in cadence with the sound of the jurus dasar brings together the mental, physical movements to create harmony of motion. The result is sweating without muscle strain and  stress- free exercise.

The movements from sato or first until the ninth form is similar to the forms of taichi, aikido, karate. However, the similarities are limited to form as the intent of Tetada Indonesia is healing. Practitioners of the Art of Tetada Indonesia are trained to always focus on healing by building internal energy.

The internal energy flows from inside the body and external natural sources, through bio-electricity and directed to a point below the navel and locking it for use whenever it is needed. This healing internal energy or terapi tenaga dalam (tetada)  flow is likened to ki in aikido, chi in chikong and prana in yoga which is well described or seen in kirlian photography. This energy is formed through movements of brushing the hand or arms in specific areas of the body. These areas are directly linked to the main nerve centers and create healing action to internal organs.
It is inculcated in the minds of the practitioners that to practice together as one large group more bio-electricity is produced and creates a maximum generation of internal energy.
from left Grandmaster Pak Eddy Surohadi, Consul General Eko Hartono, 
Dr. Silvano B. Maranga /01/292013
Dr. Ra. Ibu Ida Surohadi delivering a message during the Graduation Ceremony at 
ACES Tagum, Tagum City, Davao del Norte, Philippines 

Dr. Ra Ibu Idu Surohadi , Consul General Eko Hartono and Dr. Silvano B Maranga discussed on the possibilities of TETADA Indonesia practice in Davao Philippines through the Indonesian Consulate and a linkage with ACES Polytechnic College, Panabo City, Davao del Norte, Philippines and Naratoma University, Surabaya , Indonesia on Enhancing Educational Systems through Partnerships 

This blog is intended to record the various activities of Pak Eddy Surohadi and Dr. Ibu Ida Surohadi in the mission to advocate Tetada Indonesia. There are many insights on the practice that the members may share through this blogspot. It is hoped that with these pictures during the Latnas 2009 in Palu, Indonesia, the other members and those interested in TETADA Indonesia throughout the world send us messages/pictures and be part of this journey for health, peace, hope and prosperity. -sbm- -O2/1O/2013

Grandmaster Pak  Eddy Surohadi

International trainer Dr Ibu Ida Surohadi

Officers of Tetada Indonesia